The senior assembly was held on the morning of Sept. 10. Our class slowly entered the gymnasium. The students were eagerly awaiting to hear our assistant principal, Mr. John Bouchles, discuss whether our class would be having the annual Senior Survivor Day or spending a day at Funtown. That decision was left for our class to decide. The students were asked to stand up when the activity they favored was called, the outcome was obvious: we had chosen an activity that would unite the seniors and create opportunities for us to interact with our entire class.

With the decision clear, the next task was to quickly, but adequately, plan for Senior Survivor Day. The organizational meetings were usually held at 7 a.m. and the class advisors and students met with Mr. Bouchles. We discussed everything from how we would be dividing our class into random groups, the location for Senior Survivor Day, and lastly, the many teachers who would either create the activities or supervise. Within a short amount of time, the plans were finalized and Senior Survivor Day was well on its way.

On the morning of Sept. 29, our class met in the gymnasium. There we met our teams and group leaders and received bandannas of various colors as a representation for each group. Next, we boarded the buses and made our trip to Range Pond.

Upon our arrival, the groups were broken up once again. We were split into three large teams so that we could rotate to participate in specific areas; one that tested our knowledge, one that tested our teamwork , and the ropes course. Races, an egg drop, a trivia contest, a tug of war, poster making, and an individual team rap were some of the activities.

Despite the chilly weather and overcast sky, Senior Survivor Day was a success and lots of fun for the class of 2005.

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