WILTON – The 78th annual Cox family reunion was held at the Kineowatha Park with around 20 people present. There was a potluck dinner followed by a business meeting.

Officers were elected as follows: David Madsen Jr., president; Keith Bachelder, vice president; Val Terenzoni, secretary; and Cindy Rines, treasurer.

The eldest man present was Keith Bachelder, 77, of Edgecomb; eldest woman, Lucille Adams, 85; youngest, Liza Grace Terenzoni, 5. Gayle Parker of 29 Palms, Calif., traveled the greatest distance. Youngest Cox family descendant present last year, Roland Webb, was age 4 and the son of Marcia Madsen of South Hampton, Mass., instead of Sheila Judkins. Deceased members were Claude A. Cox, 68, of Canton, and Kennard Griffin, son of Vernon and Berta Griffin of the Gray-New Gloucester area.

It was decided to hold the next reunion on Aug. 20, 2005, in the Senior Citizens Building at Kineowatha Park. A potluck dinner was decided for again next year.

An auction was held by Timothy Rines, with Matthew Terenzoni assisting. Between the auction and the donations, there was $141.86 to deposit into the Cox Reunion Fund.

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