Every year the Lisbon DARE sets up a fantastic Halloween night for everyone. “Under the Lights” is held on Halloween night at the Lisbon girls softball filed where the overhead light shine from 6:30-9 p.m. It’s a good reason to come down and have some good fun with out getting in trouble with the police. Teenagers bring as much cans of shaving cream as they can hold. Throughout the night kids sneak up on each other smothering shaving cream onto their friends faces.

There is nothing bad about it. They have free hot dogs, soda, and hot chocolate for everyone. As you enter you get handed a ticket which could get you an easy $10. The music is blasting and you can’t help but get in the spirit of things. I mean who wouldn’t want to get splattered with a heap of shaving cream? By the end of the night it looks like a blizzard came through.

It’s a good way that kids can have fun at Halloween, but not get in trouble for it. Lisbon DARE thought up a great idea and the kids always enjoy going to it each year. When the funs all over everyone picks up as much trash as they can to get money. Over all its great experience and as you can see by the pictures they sure prove that the kids love it too.

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