The attention of many passers along Lisbon street have been attracted by the large squash which has been displayed in the window of Scannel’s cigar store. A large number of guesses have been made on the weight of the vegetable. Yesterday it was weighed and it was found that it tipped the scales at just 87 ½ pounds.

The whale that was captured recently at Brunswick will be brought to Lewiston today and put on exhibition this week in a tent on Lower Lisbon street. The whale is said to weigh about six tons.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Americans count their blessings today in the uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving, a day of prayer, feasting and recreation. As President Eisenhower saw it in his Thanksgiving proclamation, the nation has much cause for gratitude: “We are grateful that our beloved country…remains free and strong, and that each of us can worship God in our own way.”

Rumford – A new organization, the Rumford-Mexico Development Company, soon to be incorporated, was formed at a meeting of representative citizens at the Rumford Superior Court Room on Monday evening. The group plans to erect a large factory building for an out-of-state industry interested in moving to the Rumford area.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Lewiston-Auburn residents interested in recycling their refuse are basically out of luck. Neither city has any formal recycling program currently in operation. However, certain materials are being recycled at each landfill operation.

At Auburn’s landfill on Gracelawn Road, cord wood and white goods, such as stoves and refrigerators, are recycled. No glass, paper or metal is recycled, however.

At Lewiston’s River Road shredder operation and landfill, white goods, tires and scrap metal are recycled. Those residents with newspapers or cardboard, glass or small metal items, like cans, will not find recycling bins at the Lewiston site either.

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