Probably most of the citizens of this City are acquainted with the excellent properties of the Windsor Mineral Spring, located at Montello Heights in this City, and owned and conducted for the past few years by Mr. William H. Bridgham. The Spring under the management of Mr. Bridgham has in a quiet way built up quite a trade in its waters with the outside world, and so favorably have the public been impressed with the virtues of the water, that a small party of Boston and New York business men have recently taken hold of the Spring, incorporated it into a stock Company, and made all arrangements to push the sale of its waters in the East.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Maine State Police this week warned motorists that now is the time to “winterize both their cars and their driving habits” in preparation for the coming hazardous driving conditions. Dropping temperatures and longer hours of darkness will increase the strain on drivers as well as vehicles, warned police. They added that all drivers should carefully check their cars to make sure they are in condition to give them safe, reliable operation.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Title 17, Section 3204 of the Maine statutes is more than a mouthful. It’s a handful of problems for large store owners who want to remain open on Sundays. And it did not slip by unnoticed this weekend, as several tried to cash in on the barrage of Christmas shopping. In the Auburn Mall, Penny’s Porteous, Deb and Tourine were closed, but several other stores opened their doors on Sunday for the first time in spite of the statute, which says no store with more than 5,000 square feet of interior selling space and five employees may do so. Auburn police, cognizant of the opening, were dispatched to the mall and, according to District Attorney Thomas Delahanty II, measured the largest stores. Fortunately for all the stores open, police found the square footage to be several hundred feet short of the 5,000 mark.

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