Mariah’s moniker: Mimi

Mariah Carey has a message for fans: Call me Mimi.

The singer now joins the list of divas who’ve taken an alternative moniker, such as Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) and Madonna (Esther), reports

In fact, Carey’s new name will appear in the title her forthcoming album: “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

“Mimi is a very personal nickname only used by those closest to me,” Carey explains on her Web site. “Just one of those little things that I’ve kept for myself in an attempt to have some delineation between a public persona and a private life.”

By publicly adopting her private name, Carey explains, “I am letting my guard down and inviting my fans to be that much closer to me. Most importantly, I am celebrating the fact that I’ve grown into a person and artist who no longer feels imprisoned by my insecurities or compelled to try and live up to someone else’s vision of “Mariah Carey.’ I now feel I can honestly say, “This is me, the real me – take it or leave it.’ “

Brits say ‘Baywatch’ bad

LONDON (AP) – “Baywatch” was voted the worst-ever U.S. television import in a British survey released Thursday.

The same survey ranked the 25 best U.S. imports, with “The Simpsons,” “Dallas,” “M*A*S*H,” “24” and “The Larry Sanders Show” leading the pack.

“Baywatch,” the sun-bleached saga of California lifeguards starring Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, was once ranked the world’s most popular program, with viewers in 140 countries.

Broadcast magazine’s poll of about 20 TV program buyers acknowledged the appeal of the sexy “Baywatch” cast but said its scripts suffered from “mind-numbing predictability: beachgoer is saved from drowning.”

The rest of the Bottom Ten: “The Anna Nicole Show,” “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “Wild Palms,” “Manimal,” “The Jerry Springer Show,” “Knots Landing,” “Falcon Crest,” “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Extreme Makeover.”

Today’s guest: Antichrist

Marilyn Manson: shock rocker, self-proclaimed “Antichrist Superstar,” philosophy professor?

With an MTV film crew in tow, Manson surprised students in a Temple University Art and Society class Monday in Philadelphia with an hourlong guest lecture, reports The Associated Press.

He opened the class with a question: Could he share a bottle of red absinthe with the students?

The liqueur stayed on the desk as Manson – wearing an all-black suit with chrome-tipped platform shoes, dark lipstick and sunglasses – responded to questions about art, politics and religion.

“I’m not someone who doesn’t respect religion, but I don’t care for the way religion is used to manipulate people,” the 35-year-old singer said. “We create our own gods. We create our own devils.”

MTV’s college network, mtvU, filmed Manson’s appearance for a segment of the Stand In series set to air Dec. 6.

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