Immigration to the United States decreased materially during the last fiscal year, and the moral, intellectual and physical qualifications of the immigrants admitted during the past year are higher than ever before. There are two salient features of the annual report of Frank P. Sargeant, commissioner-general of immigration, which was made public, today. During the year 812,870 aliens arrived. 168,903 could neither read or write. The total amount of money shown to officers by these 812,870 aliens was $20,894,383. Seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-four aliens were excluded during the year, 4,798 being paupers, 1,660 diseased, 35 convicts and 1,501 contract laborers. One hundred and ninety-three thousand, two hundred and ninety-six came from Italy.

50 Years Ago, 1954

•During the past summer over 170,000 acres of Maine timberland were defoliated by the Gypsy Moth. Preliminary surveys now being conducted indicate that over 100,000 acres are liable to be defoliated this coming year. This figure would be much greater if it were not for teh extensive airplane spray program carried out by the State during May of 1954 and to the fact that parasites and disease were very active in killing the caterpillars.

•Employees of the Auburn Highway Department and Lewiston Public Works Department yesterday erected a wind breaker for pedestrians on South Bridge.

25 Years Ago, 1979

•The Department of Manpower Affairs, reported there was an overall increase in jobs in Androscoggin County, during September and October, while throughout the state, the unemployment rate increased. The area gained 200 jobs, while unemployment statewide rose from 5.8 to 6.2 percent.

•Central Maine Power Company’s application to construct a 115,000 volt transmission line from the Hotel Road substation in Auburn to the Lewiston lower substation, approximately eight miles in length, has been approved by the State Board of Environmental Protection.

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