LEWISTON – The Thomas J. McMahon Elementary School has announced its honor roll for the first quarter.

Grade two

High honors: Trevor Liick, Abigail Bossie, Nicole Footer, Nathan Cook, Jessica Boulet, Zachary Gosselin, Elijah Harris, Jaymi Llarenas and Emily Schulze.

Honors: Ismail Hirsi, Dakota Bisson, Muna Mohamed, Dixon Dilodovico, Avara Hebert, Courtney Doerfler, Joshua Gilchrist, Andrea Hamel, Isaiah Harris, Tanner Pitman, Lucas Rushton, Norah Schlax, Margaruette Seguin, Jonathan Edwards, Mahaila Auger, Vynicka Berioso, Paige Fontaine, Alex Grenier, Samantha Moon, Autumn Morse, Ty Murphy, Rebecca Stacey-Outten.

Grade three

High honors: Chris Akers, Tom Choate and Johathan Gilchrist.

Honors: Devan Labrecque, Tamiya Joseph, Abigail Pleau, Cameron Boucher, Christopher Brown, Emily Rousseau, John Clark Miego, Ronald Seguin, Shelby Austin, Erica Beaulieu, Nick Bonneau, Morgan Bowen, Timothy Carvalho, Paige Clabby, Shawn Gagnier, Taylor Hinson, Megan Larkin, Cierra St. Amand, Megan Usher, Taylor Vaillancourt, Madison Cote, Austin Duval, Rebekah Morin, Paige Young, Chanse Desrochers, Kaylyn Sampson.

Grade four

High honors: Dylan Hall, Jason Pratt, Samantha Clark, Brendan Landry, Arielle Moreau, Jessica Beaulieu, Alexandra Moore, Amy Gagne, Ryan Laverdiere.

Honors: Erik Butler, Brandon Burgess, Daqjuan Adams, Carlos Andrade, Kirsty Beauchesne, Jessica Henson, Tanner Hubbard, Lauren Lessard, Rebecca Michaud, Adam Poliquin, Paige Martin, Caleb Laberge, Eric Laro II, Taylor Levesque, Amanda Cortellino, Ismail Mohamed, Donovan Noyes.

Grade five

High honors: Jenna Daigneault, Kelsey Boilard, Tomas Smith, Kasidy Stevenson, Dana Edwards, Ryan Webber, Keisha Lavoie, Rachel Mills, Taylor Brosious, Brandon Perron.

Honors: Dylan Blankenship, Jacob Bergeron, Kayla Hamel, Alexandra Hood, Tyler Liick, Eric Soucy, Kolby Pitman, Amber Langlois, Vyrnie Berioso, Rachel Marchus, Sarah Schlax.

Grade six

High honors: Ryan Dubois, Jonathan McDonough, Rebecca Lessard, Brittany Martin.

Honors: Julie Andersen, Tyler Hartman, Ahmed Hirsi, Brandon Jordan, Jessica Lemay, Careena Michaud, Elizabeth Aguilar, Sydney Buck, Shelby Carver, Katie Foss, Morgan Gilbert, Jacie Pelletier, Cameron Poussard, Jessica Bowen, Sara Allen, Ashley Blauvelt, Abigail Campbell, Allison Lafreniere, Zachary Parker, Zachary Meert, Dylan Tanguay, Ricardo Juco III, Tyler Sheehan.

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