Lisbon D.A.R.E. All Stars Vs New England Patriots Alumni was held on Sept. 26 from 1 p.m. at the Lisbon High School Athletic Field.

At 1 p.m. introductions were made as follows:

D.A.R.E. All Star Cheerleaders: Kaytarra Beaulieu, Roxanne Bineau, Brittany Boudreau, Carley Brann, Hillary Durrell, Chasity Garland, Crystal Ingerson, Ashley Lanley, Laura Longley, Jessica Schwartz, Riley Thrasher, Jennifer Walker, Lindsey Whitney and Carolyn Veilleiux.

New England Patriot’s Alumni

Lisbon DA.R.E. All Stars:

Lisbon Police Department players list: Lt. Dan Michel, Sgt. Scott Stewart, Det. Bemie McAllister, Det. Bill Tapley, Officer Richard St.Amant, School Resource Officer Darin Estes, Officer Renee Bernard, Officer Shawn Kelly, Secretary Pamela Grant and Reserve Officer Nathan Dougherty.

Lisbon School Department players: Phys. Ed Teacher at L.C.S. Randy Ridley, Teacher Dan Sylvester, Co-Curriculum Director Jeff Ramich, Football Coach Stacen Doucette and Phys. Ed Teacher at L.C.S. Jake Gentle.

Community Members: Lisbon Rec. Director Mark Stevens, Lisbon DARE Coordinator Pauline Mathieu and Community DARE Volunteer Joanne Campbell.:

Lisbon D.A.R.E. Coaches: Dave Moulton and Felix Small.

Game Officials: Jack Murphy and Chuck Woodbury.

At 1:05 p.m. there was presentation of the Colors by the Lisbon Scouts and the National Anthem by Ashley Brewer.

At 1:10 p.m. there was a presentation of the Check to Lisbon Police Chief David Brooks and flip of the coin at the 50-yard line with Miss Maine Amy Vice.

Announcement were made to visit the Concession stand and support the Sugg Middle School Parent Action Group, Senior Class of 2005 and Junior Class of 2006.

While the game was underway announcement to the spectators to look for signatures of the Lisbon D.A.R.E. Allstars in their D.A.R.E Booklet. If they found a signature of the player that was announce in their book they were to report to the Concession Stand for their prize.

During the half-time autographs and picture with the New England Patriots Alumni were done on the visitor side of the field.

Entertainment at half-time was as follows: Lisbon Recreation Dare Cheerleaders. Introductions and game between the Red & Black fifth and sixth grade tackle football team, 5th graders: Daniel Costantino, Joseph Daigle, Cody Donovan, David Famum, Jada Glover, Cameron Graf, Tyier Greene, Thomas Harrington, Aaron Pelletier, Mason Smith, Zachery Splude, Shane Tanguay, Phillip Tapley, David Torres and Alex Woodcock. Sixth graders: Andrew Arias, Shaun Avery, Alex Branson, Chyle Cameron, Luke Caron, Ryan Cates, Nathan Dawson, Michael Degou, Nick Dingley, Kyle Frazier, Zachary Greene, Tobey Hamngton, Evan Mahoney, Michael McNamara, Matthew Nicholson, Joshua Pomerleau, Anthony Segovia, Jared Splude and Andrew Wyman.

Introduction of the 7th and 8th grade DARE players for the Patriots were: Shawn Niles, Guy Jenkins, Jeremy Roy, Jeremy Reed, Paul Art Stambech, Korey Curtis, Luis Segovia, Jacob Cyr, Andrew Tupper, Seteh Boucher, Justin Call, Patrick McKechnie, Joe Doughty, Nathan Blackwell, Chris Whitney, Tyler Gawrys, James Costantino, Nick Runyon, Alex Hall, Robert Parry, Henry Chandler, Zachary Chandler, Robert “Bud” Walker, Austin Williams, Andrew Parrish, Austin Wilson, Jarrad Tolman, Jered Cote and Joshua Cote.

A 50/50 drawing was held followed by D.A.R.E. Football Shirt Drawing (Sponsored by Lisbon D. A.R.E.)

The three following students wrote something about their experiance at the Football Camp with New England

Cameron Graf

There were three stations. One with running backs, one with linesman, and one with wide receivers, tight ends and quarterback. The running backs ran different plays. The linesman did drills were you get on your hands and knees and hit shoulders. The linesman also learned some different drills. The tight ends, wide receivers and quarterback did pass plays. The quarterback would say a play and the person in line had to put their inside foot forward, run the play, catch the ball, tuck it in, run up field while the Patriot tries to smack it out of your hands. We did other drills also. We all had a really good day. Thank you DARE!

Jacob Minardi

At first I didn’t really know how to play football. Now I know how fun it really is. During the game I tried to score two touchdowns, but I only scored one. On one of them it took two police officers to bring me down. After the game I got autographs from the Patriots.

Playing football with the New England Patriots Alumni and the D.A.R.E. team was fun.

Carey Fullerton

On Sunday, Sept. 26 I Carey Fullerton and my friend Katy Fitzgerald played in the New England Patriots Alumni football game vs. Lisbon D.A.R.E, at the Thompson Field in Lisbon. There were several other Sugg Middle School students who played also. Our names where chosen randomly at lunch time. The students played on the Patriots team.

Together Katy and I scored a touchdown. I was excited when I caught the ball in the end zone. Channel 8 news camera was there so we all got to wave at the camera. The Patriots also gave us their autographs. Those were the highlights of my day.

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