Lewiston High School’s Center Stage Ensemble will be putting on “Makin’ It” by Cynthia Mercati, for the straight play this year. Richard Martin is the director, Doreen Traynor is the costume designer, Nicky Becker is the properties manager, and Marissa Jalbert is the producer and stage manager. The cast has been working very hard since September to bring this dramatic play to the stage.

The story takes place in the 80s at Dwight D. Eisenhower High. A group of stereotypical teenagers’ pasts, thoughts, and dreams are unleashed, bringing the audience into their minds to explain what is really going on behind closed doors, both physically and mentally. Each student, and actually one adult, the principal, try to “Make It” through the year without getting into too much trouble on the way. The intense drama is lightened up with sarcastic humor to create a balance that we find in all our lives.

The student and who they portray are as follows: Tyson Morgan as Buzzard Fishbeck, Jeremy Gervais as Scott Barrows, Danny Brooke as Hunter Dunbar, Brandon Dubois as Karl Swanson, Eric Carvalho as Howie, Shawn Sabourin as Travis, Alex Strout as Alex, Peter MacArthur as Len, Heather Marichal as Brooke Benedict, Devon Dickey as Bumout, Rachel Spilecki as Libby, Ashley McWhorter as Jen, Danielle Goulet as Pat, Jessica Brooks as Barb, Michelle Fortier as Sharon, Marina MacDonald as Monica, Shauni Morrison as Corly Barrows, and Ashley Couture, Jessica Fortin, Elisabeth Messer, and Ivan Staev as students. Adults who are acting in this production are: Stan Spilecki as Vince Carnelli, Don Jalbert as Ed Barrows, and Norma Gardiner as Ms. Healy.

The performances will take place at Lewiston Middle School’s auditorium on Dec. 9, 10, and 11. The house will open at 7:30 p.m., and the productions will start at 8 p.m.. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens.

There are some adult themes that teenagers have to deal with in this play, so it would be wise to treat as if it were a PG movie, for children viewing. Hope to see you there!

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