“I like the drunkenness, like staggering around and falling down. It’s awesome.” This is one of the most idiotic statements it has been my misfortune to hear. Even worst is the fact that a teenager uttered this statement. A teenager who is underage. A teenager whose probably going to die at an early age if they don’t sober up.

I think it is safe to say that I do not agree with this statement at all. How can someone say they like being drunk? Can one human being actually like tottering around like a injured chimpanzee, spending hours at a time with their head in the toilet, and not even being able to see straight? It disgusts me. Even if I had ever gotten drunk, I would most likely not enjoy the staggering around and falling down. It would most certainly not be “awesome!”

This reminds me of a situation in real life. This person reminds me of someone who likes going to the dentist. Instead of the drunkenness that the person likes, it’s the Novocain. Can you imagine someone who actually likes going to the dentist? No offense to all the hard working dentists out there, but the dentist’s office is not a popular place with teens the world over. There are many more examples that go with this one particular quote. For instance, drinking cough syrup, having to read a one thousand page book in one night, watching C-SPAN avidly, cleaning the eat box, doing chores, dissecting a frog, or learning what haggis or tripe is actually made of are all good examples of situations.

This quote does not remind me of a friend, I don’t mean to sound snobbish, but I wouldn’t hang out with anyone who would say that. If I were already a friend of the person, I would help them get a reality check and find out ways for them to get some quality help. It would be like killing my friend if I didn’t help him or her. Other than that particular situation. I try to steer clear of those types of people. I wouldn’t want to be pressured or even forced to do something involving alcohol that I’d regret.

If I could say anything to the speaker, I would say that they were completely off their rocker. I would say that their mind must have been intoxicated one too many times because they are thinking very, very dangerously. I would also add that every time they say those words, they are digging their grave deeper and deeper. I would end my lecture-type conversation with offering to help them to get some help.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the person who uttered those words is a true . . . MEATHEAD! This person who said this makes me sad. Maybe you have to be a drunk to see the meaning in these words, but I am not a drunk, nor an expert on the mind of a drunk. I think anyone who says that phrase is in dire need of help. They should seek help immediately. This is an example of what drinking does to your brain. (The alcohol eats way at your brain, especially the part where the common sense is kept!)

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