• “I hope that the Lewiston City Government will do as the Auburn Mayor and Alderman did at their meeting this week, restrict the sale of firecrackers over two inches in length. It was a wise move and should be appreciated by the citizens,” said a Lewiston man.

• A gymnasium for the Edward Little High School is what certain interested ones in the institution are now working for, it is understood. They believe that a gym would be a great thing for the school and that the good which it would accomplish for E.L.H.S. students would be great.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Larry (Yogi) Berra, the New York Yankees squat, slugging catcher, became the sixth two-time winner of the American League’s most valuable player award. In a close vote of a 24-man committee of the Baseball Writers Association, Berra edged a pair of Cleveland Indians, outfielder Larry Doby and second baseman Bobby Avila. Berra’s first reaction was one of disbelief. “What about those Cleveland fellows? They had some pretty good ones out there. I’m really happy and I’m really surprised. I knew I was being mentioned,” Berra said, ” but I didn’t really think I’d get it this time.”

25 Years ago, 1979

Lewiston’s top financial officer, City Controller and Community Development Director Lucien B. Gosselin, has been assured of a job as the city’s acting city administrator. Meeting privately at City Hall for nearly 2½ hours, Lewiston’s newly elected City Council and mayor informally agreed to select and appoint Gosselin as interim administrator. “I’m pleased to be entrusted with an interim position and I’ll give it my very best, knowing it will be a tremendous challenge,” a subdued Gosselin declared. Lewiston government has never functioned under a city administrator. In the place of a centralized authority a decentralized board-and-commission form of government has been in effect since 1939.

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