With rooms filled with smoke and flames crackling all about them, the Jones family at 216 Main street, Lewiston, barely escaped with their lives Sunday morning, to say nothing of saving any of their house furnishings.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Public health officials recommended today that priority for receiving Salk polio vaccine, from public health sources be given more to school children, rather than pregnant women as has been proposed.

25 Years Ago, 1979

A National Guard unit arrived at Boise Cascade paper mill Tuesday night and trained a zenon searchlight on the mill’s main exhaust stack which had been ripped and cracked by an explosion earlier in the day. The area was “totally cleared of non-essential personnel,” according to Boise spokesman Gary Guimond, and the company had guards posted to “prevent anyone’s accidental approach” to the unstable 200 foot stack.

Industrial stack experts from at least five companies conferred with Boise management and engineers late Tuesday night to “determine the safest way to handle the situation and basically decide whether to leave the stack up or take it down,” Guimond explained.

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