An important meeting of the Lewiston Fire Commission was held last evening. All of the members were present and a spirited session resulted. The matter of greatest importance was the purchase of 1200 feet of new hose for the Fire Department. There were representatives of three different hose manufactories present and bids were also received from several other concerns. Each of the forgoing companies sent bids and samples of hose and bids ranging from 52 cents to 70 cents per foot for hose.

50 Years Ago, 1954

• More and more oil burner furnaces are being installed in Lewiston, according to information obtained from Lewiston Fire Chief Z. F. Drouin. In the 11-month period ended Nov. 20, the fire department inspected 463 oil burner installations, of which 321 were in furnaces, the chief’s report shows. Of the 321 furnace installations, 98 were in new homes, 145 were replacement of coal or wood furnaces and 78 were conversions from coal to oil units. In addition, the department inspected 73 kitchen range installations and 69 parlor heaters.

• With Christmas decorations now being set up in Lewiston homes, Fire Chief Z. F. Drouin, as in his custom each Yuletide season, last night outlined certain precautions that should be followed to guard against fire. “Only flameproof materials should be used,” stated Drouin, “and lighted candles are prohibited.”

25 Years Ago, 1979

While Lewiston’s downtown revitalization effort is expected to beautify the area and attract even more business to the heart of the city, the benefits may not come cheaply to those who could gain a great deal from the efforts – the downtown merchants. Canopies to shade the building facades, trees, benches, planters, advertising and coordinated promotion for the downtown area have all been proposed. Along with all the proposals have come suggestions that the downtown merchants help pay in one form or another for the amenities.

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