MINOT – The bell in the belfry of the 1846 Center Minot Church will ring again Sunday, Dec. 26, at a 7 p.m. candlelight service.

The Rev. Robert P. Christ of Hebron originated the holiday tradition in 1979, making this the 25th consecutive year. He is now retired and living in his home state of Pennsylvania. Pastor Frances Lodge of West Minot has presided at the service since 1993.

Wood fires will generate the heat. Decorations of evergreen boughs and red bows, lighted candles at each window, along with two of the church’s original oil lamps will glow.

Throughout the service, the lights are lowered during the readings, then brightened as the congregation joins in the singing of the traditional Christmas hymns.

Special music will be provided by Wayne Bridgham of Minot and Marguerite Emerson of Turner. Following the service, refreshments of cookies, crackers, punch and hot chocolate will be served.

The service is for everyone. For more information, call 782-4319 or 346-0951.

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