The eighth grades teams at LMS had the privilege of viewing the Anne Frank exhibit at the Franco-American Center, This activity coincided with the grade 8 study of Anne Frank and the Holocaust. The following are reactions to the exhibit and the students Holocaust study:

• Hitler was an evil mastermind who brainwashed many civilians…. Ray Goulet

• The Holocaust opened my eyes to a cruel world…. David Tirabassi

• How can the Nazis kill so many people and not feel bad about it?… Brian Nash

• The Anne Frank exhibit inspired me to make a difference in my school and community….

Rachel Emond

• You really understand the horrible things that Jews went through… Nicole Pelletier

• It is so difficult to imagine all of the people who were massacred on Hitler’s account….

Jessica Teich

• Some of the things were very tear-jerking like one picture I saw of a handicapped child being killed…. Kaitlynn Hinson

• The cold rush came over me….

Deborah Stuart

• The Holocaust was a horrible point in time which never should have occurred. I just thank God it is over…. Kelsey Cote

• When I saw all the pictures, I just wanted to get mad…. Meghan Staples

• We all knew it was a horrible thing, but this shows us how real it was. Even though it was disturbing, I found it to be a memorable day….

Logan Michaud

• The exhibit really showed us what the Holocaust was really about…. Michelle Rancourt

• Something was very wrong with Hitler’s thoughts and actions. No one deserves to be tortured and killed because of their religious practices…. Jessica Lapointe

• A visual shock, but a learning experience to be remembered…. Suzanne Assam

• Sad! Millions of Jews died because they believed in something else…. Mike Marston

• They (the Jews) lived in fear of being caught every day…. Zac Racine

• Going to the exhibit made realize how lucky I am…. Kaila Elsman

• To be able to see all this sadness and still believe ” People are really good at heart.” takes a lot of will…. Meagan Masood

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