A fearless, former fighter, fought his biggest battle.

Not another kill for his country, a critical attempt to conquer,

The crazy devil’s crony, in the city of decisions.

He took a trip on the trail, he tried so hard to capture,

The have-not hearts and minds, of more than half a hallowed nation.

But that money-mongering monkey, giver-of-too-many-tax-breaks,

Took the initiative to insure, his bountiful base would be blissful.

So he told another teasing lie, he took our tough, young troops to die,

In the sand-covered country, with sand-covered cash.

When time came for talking, he tried to tell of terrorism.

Only Daddy’s dastard son would dare. to think us doltish and dumb,

During the discourse of debates, the contender kicked some cowboy keister.

The ‘crats candidate who loves his lauded land, tried to give ungarbled grammar,

To a group who followed demagogues, into the darkness of dishonesty.

He bravely rose and tried to right, those atrocious wrongs of Rove,

And all who wrecked the reputation, of a realm so full of righteousness,

Many loved the man from Massachusetts, but masquerading with moral values,

Mr. Bush swept the senseless South, securing his victory of two-percent.

Now we dread four, dreary years, of a deadlocked nation and a dead-named Democrat.

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