BERLIN, N.H. – Coos County Family Health Services announces that Adele Woods, chief executive officer, has been reappointed to three committees of the National Association of Community Health Centers.

Woods has been reappointed to the Rural Health Committee, which considers all issues relative to health care for individuals and families in rural and frontier areas and makes recommendations to the appropriate standing committees in their respective functional areas, and to the board with respect to issues not in the jurisdiction of any other standing committee.

She also will serve on the Subcommittee on Elderly Issues, which focuses on issues relative to health care for the 55+ age group including health services, administrative and management-related issues, as well as reimbursement issues.

In addition, Woods will sit on the Subcommittee on Health Center Financing and Operations, which reviews policies, regulations, and guidelines impacting the management of health center resources, and identifies and reviews health center financing issues.

By serving on these committees, Woods is able to represent the health care interests of the residents of the Androscoggin Valley area at the national level. All of the committees meet two times a year and keep in touch via e-mail.

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