Why do you choose to tease me,

you don’t even know my name.

You don’t see my true colors,

you think hurting me’s a game.

You never got to know me,

yet you don’t seem to care.

Your torture and hate are killing we,

and causing me despair.

I try to hide my hurt and tears,

I don’t want you to see,

that even though you do it for fun,

how much you’re hurting me.

You laugh because you think I’m strange,

well what’s It all to you?

I’m different In my own way,

and you are different too.

What makes you think you’re better,

then poor little me?

Is it because you think I’m weird?

Well sorry I disagree.

I don’t act like I do to please you,

I only act to please me.

And even though you pick on me,

I don’t care what you see.

I’m beautiful in every way,

and if you fail to agree,

that’s your opinion, keep it to yourself,

and please stop teasing me.

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