As the tears run down her face and her wings spread out, she’s seem to forgotten what

life was all about. I stand here watching this angel cry, 1 don’t know any way to help her

but ill have to try. I ask her what I could do to make her tears go away. she just looked up

at me and had nothing to say. Her halo shined bright above her head, then it turned

black and became skinny as thread. She began to cry even more, and her eyes were

red and very sore. I looked at her and noticed that blood began to come out of her eye

from crying so much, I pulled her close to feel her touch. Drop after drop, her blood

dripped down onto my shoulder and then down my shirt, falling faster down to the dirt. I

held her tight and she held back, the day was getting dark and we are running out of

light. Soon she will have to go back to the place she hates the most and I’ll be here

waiting for her on the cold seacoast. She spread her wings and whispered that she will

never forget me, then she kissed me and said thank you for setting me free. As she flew

up into the sky, and 1 looked up and she waved goodbye. She flew higher and higher

and then she was gone, and once again I was alone like I was for so long. I began to

have tears come from my eyes, as I looked one more time back into the sky, Years went

by, and right before I died. 1 just wonted to see that one angel who said I love you and


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