What better way to remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by shooting him again? You betcha, says Traffic Games, the creators of the horrific game “JFK: Reloaded.” But before you jump to your rash conclusions, there IS more behind this game than a couple of gung ho anti-Americans. The goal of the game is to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t have acted alone. The gamers will get so frustrated that they’re unable to duplicate Oswald’s exact movements that they’ll hopefully realize that Oswald had some help or wasn’t even involved in President Kennedy’s assassination.

These guys are serious. The first person to successfully replicate Oswald’s actions (as explained by the Warren Commission) will win $100,000. The money will come from revenue generated from the game sales. Each person who buys the game, which is $9.99, will get ten chances to win the contest.

The game’s intentions may be good, but the whole idea of recreating the assassination of one of America’s leaders just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve always been a believer that Oswald was either framed or acted with the help of others, especially from someone hiding in the Grassy Knoll. While I can’t think of a better way to prove this point, making a game about shooting JFK simply isn’t the answer.

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