Mechanic Falls is a nice town. People here work hard to keep the roads safe. The parents have the biggest job of all by teaching their teenage kids what a responsible driver is. It is a person who obeys the speed limit and other laws, does not drink, get high on drugs, and does keep their eyes on the road. I know some parents who have kids that are already on the road or in a couple years they might be. The most common age group to cause car crashes are teenagers about 16-20. You parents have to sit down and talk to your kids. I am asking you to talk to your children and tell them that driving is not fun and games and that you can be endangering other people’s lives.

If they can’t accept being mature enough to be safe, step forward and grab their keys. Just ask them, if they ever have children, do you want them to drive and horse around and then die or get hurt in a crash? Tell them it is the same thing between you and them because if you don’t do something now, heaven knows you might not ever get the chance. You might lose your child if you don’t talk to them. Even if you know they’re a responsible driver, just warn them.

They could endanger other people’s lives. Bring your kids down to elementary schools if you feel like you have to take a step further and show your child the young kids that will be receiving their license some day. Show them that they should make a good example. If you don’t choose to talk to your child about these things, then I’m afraid heaven awaits many young ones. This isn’t just your child. There are so many irresponsible drivers. I hope to have a role model that will show me what a responsible driver is.

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