The Lewiston High, ‘06, basket-ball team defeated the Sabattus Athletic Association team in Lombard’s Hall by the score of 20 to 14. The Sabattus A. A. team was scheduled to win the game according to many of its supporters, but after a few minutes of play it was all the Lewiston boys way.

There is talk of forming a snow-she club in these cities to be composed of both Lewiston and Auburn members. Snow-shoeing is more popular this year than ever before in these cities. It is also a very popular sport for ladies and is recommended by physicians as a most healthful exercise.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Sen. Morse (Ind-Ore) said he will fight efforts to give Congress a pay boost but will move to boost expense allowances. “I think the present $15,000 a year is adequate,” Morse said in an interview, “I get by all right on it but must use part of it for office expenses.” Members of Congress now get $12,500 a year and an expense allowance of $2,500 for which they need not give an accounting. There is broad sentiment in Congress to raise theis total annual amount to $25,000, perhaps with comparable increases for federal judges. Morse said: “I believe most people share my views that congressional salaries should not be so high that men enter Congress in an effort to make money rather than for public service.”

25 Years Ago, 1980

The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued an April 1 deadline by which Pioneer Plastics, Corp. must present firm proposals for eliminating emissions of chemical vapors and laminate dust. A DEP enforcement officer said he also plans to recommend that the Auburn company be penalized for alleged past violations of its state air emission control license. Word of the deadline and proposed penalty was transferred to two Pioneer officials, James Saunders, vice president of administrative services, and Russell Hamor, vice president of engineering.

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