For several winters the sport of snowshoeing has not been enjoyed by so many young people in the two cities as this season. The conditions for the greater part, have been ideal. The snow has been quite well packed down, there have been some fine moonlight nights, and the weather, although sharp, most of the time, has been clear and exhilarating. Snowshoe tracks are to be seen at every turn outside the city. One can see the trail winding across the fields, over hills and into the woods in may places. Several enthusiastic amateur photographers are also ardent snowshoers and the snow scenes which they have been able to get while on tramps are indeed beautiful.

50 Years Ago, 1955

This is the time of year when every citizen or resident of the United States who had as much as $600 income last year ($1,200 if you were 65 or older) must file a federal income tax return. You will be filing this year under a revamped income tax law that made 14 major changes for the individual income tax payer, all 14 in the taxpayer’s favor. First off, the new law gives you until April 15 to get your return made out and mailed to your district director of internal revenue. That is a month more filing time than you had under the old law. But it’s still the early filer who gets the early refund, and the late and hurried filer who is likely to make costly mistakes.

25 Years Ago, 1980

High home mortgage rates that have slowed the housing market this winter are here to stay, perhaps right through the summer, a top state banking official believes. Gordon Weil, commissioner of the state Department of Business Regulation, says money will probably in short supply until we experience the recession predicted by some federal government officials, or until those officials are satisfied that the economy has slowed sufficiently. Mortgage rates now stand at between 12 and 14 percent statewide, according to Weil.

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