Editor’s Note: This is the last of a five part series. Hope you have enjoyed the series.

I felt badly telling the one I love these things but I wasn’t about to lose my mother because some idiot decided to spill my secret. During the telling of the story, Peter had just watched and listened in silence, but now he seemed anxious to get out of the woods. He had never talked to me before and I doubt he ever noticed me. The weird thing is, we shared a sort of familiar bond that 1 could feel all around us. We shared the same secret and whether he liked it or not, he was now a part of it.

Peter swore he would not tell anyone and I believed him because he hadn’t told anyone about discovering the body. But this seemed too perfect, something was bound to happen; I could feel it awakening in my blood – flowing through each vein. What if he did tell someone? What if the police found out? I decided to let some time pass before I got too worried; I doubt anyone would miss Aaron anyway. I believe I did the world a favor. I could even back this up with self-defense because 1 have taken pictures of all of the beatings my mother and I have endured over the past two years. I’m not worried – I have backed up every part of my story with evidence. The cops can’t do anything to me now. I am invincible.

4 months later

It was now winter in the quiet town of Bridgemont. Everything was as normal as the snow falling on cedars. Old man Thomas O’Helly had passed away a few weeks ago but besides that, the town remained the same. My mother finally came to conclusion that Aaron was not coming home and had left during the night after the fight they had. It made perfect sense. Of course she was sad but being sad is a hell of a lot better than being beaten and bruised. I feel like I helped my mother survive in some way, Nonetheless, no one was worried about where Aaron had gone or why, because he wasn’t a very well liked person in the town. Everyone was glad he decided to leave, quite simply, no one cared.

Peter and I had gone back during the next night, in the twilight of the -white moon and buried the body deep within the cold earth near the lake. Over the past few months, the winter has nestled deep within the ground covering up our secret. We still do not talk much but I must say that things are better than they were between us. Everything is back to normal in this small, country town of Bridgemont. My mother even has a new boyfriend now…

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