The biggest seizure which the new deputy sheriffs have made since being in office came yesterday morning. At the Upper Maine Central Railroad station they found a car almost filled with liquid merchandise which they believed was intended to be used for illegitimate purposes. They seized the whole amount. There was nearly a full carload and it took a jigger to make several trips before it was all landed at the strong room in the basement of the County Buildings. The exact amount taken is not yet known. There was over a hundred gallons of hard stuff, however, and several hundred bottles of soft stuff.

50 Years Ago, 1955

The invisible eye of radar may soon be following speeders on Maine highways. A bill was introduced at the Legislature today to permit police in the State to use the electronic tracking devices that are helping to catch speeders in many other states. The State Police have asked the Legislature for money to buy six of the portable radar sets which Col. Robert Marx, State Police Chief, calls “an effective tool which can be an invaluable aid to law enforcement.” The new Legislation, introduced by Rep. James C. Totman (Bangor R), would make the data recorded by the radar sets prima facie evidence of speeding and would allow the police to make an arrest on the basis of this evidence without a warrant if they show a badge.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Auburn teachers shouldn’t use the classroom as a forum for their personal views on the proposed tax limitation referendum, according to Superintendent of Schools Roy Loux. Responding to a complaint voiced by an Auburn parent, Loux said he will instruct administrators of the various city schools to make that policy clear to all city teachers. Loux confirmed that a parent telephoned him this week to complain that his children had been lectured on the difficulties that the city’s school system would face, should the tax limitation be enacted.

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