Dover – Three men are dean, two more critically ill, while the others of a crew of 30 lumbermen have been exposed, as a result of an outbreak of spinal meningitis, or spotted fever, in a lumbering camp at Lake View Plantation. The camp is operated by the Willimantic (Conn.) Spool Co., and is situated 12 miles from this place. The camp has been broken up and the men scattered in all directions, have thrown this section into alarm. Most of the lumbermen are said to have already exhibited symptoms of the disease, which is pronounced dangerously contagious.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Turner – A blaze, originating with a chimney fire, resulted, Thursday afternoon, in destruction of the homestead owned and operated by Clarence Briggs, operator of the B and B Dairy. A passerby, Dr. Earle C. Lewis, Lewiston chiropractor, discovered the fire at 12:45. At that time, the fire was around the chimney at the southerly end of the long one and one half story house and ell. The Auburn Fire Department sent three pieces of equipment to aid Turner’s single truck. Only water available was that in tank trucks. Once the water supply was exhausted, fire whipped by a high wind spread quickly through the building.

25 Years Ago, 1980

“Has anybody seen my old friend Martin? Can you tell me where he’s gone?” These words, sung to a poignant melody now famous, eulogized the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and of Martin Luther King, events that shook America in the 60s. Martin Luther King Day, set to honor the former civil right’s leader, Baptist minister, and Nobel Peace Prize winner on his birthday, Jan. 15, came and went in the Twin Cities last week with barely a ripple in the day’s regular events. Schools, post offices, city buildings, and banks remained open for business as usual. The day, which President Carter has made a firm commitment to making a national holiday, pretty much slipped by unnoticed in the Twin Cities.

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