SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Brian and Meredith Thomas to Thomas W. and Sheila E. Buckland, in Norway.

Lloyd L. Poland to James M. and Deborah L. Colby, in Rumford.

Doris C. Adams Nunnemacher to Doris C. Adams Nunnemacher Revocable Trust, in Newry.

River View Timeshare Trust to Richard R. and Carmen S. Castonguay, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Gary S. and Barbara A. Jordan, in Bethel.

David and Theresa Toothaker to Dana L. and Mindy M. Frost, in Paris.

Kara A. Bartlett to Douglas S. Koskela, in Sumner.

Four C. S. Lagoon Realty Trust and William Craffey to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel.

Cross Family Partnership and Phyllis E. Cross to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development to Melvin Parris, in Bethel.

Holly M. McQuinn and Ellen T. Murphy and Holly M. McQuinn and Ellen T. Murphy and Mark C. Thibault Trust and Estate of Joyce M. Thibault to Harry A. and Jane E. Brummer, in Hartford.

Philip Marin to Constance A. Cox and Amy L. Libby, in Dixfield.

Angela Ruffino to AMR Holdings LLC, in Bethel.

Mahoosuc Investments LLC to Harold A. Hadley, in Newry.

Gary H. Williamson II and Julia A. Williamson to Michael A. and Christian P. Laub, in Greenwood.

Gary W. Moraes and Mary M. Nyman to Robert M. and Lin M. Patty, in Woodstock.

Kenneth S. Ray to Jeffrey S. and Jessica K. Sears, in Newry.

Stephen B. and Elise B. Caswell to Richard A. Lamontagne, in Gilead.

Savage Land Development LLC to Kostas Saranteas and Yiannis Avramidis and Ioannis Makris, in Bethel.

Richard L. Dennen to Scott D. and Carol A. Dalitzky, in Albany Township.

Gilbert V. and Sherry S. Haskell to Derri K. Johnson, in Woodstock.

Gilbert V. and Sherry S. Haskell to Richard D. Johnson, in Woodstock.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Powder Ridge Gang LLC, in Newry.

Eleanor E. Zupokfska to Joelle Z. Ray, in Waterford.

Eleanor E. Zupokfska to Lisa Simpson, in Waterford.

Roger E. and Patricia C. Dunbar to John D. McKeon, in Norway.

Estate of Betty J. Coffin and Fred W. Coffin and Fred W. Coffin Sr. to Kenneth S. and Paige S. Coffin, in Waterford.

Edward K. and Marilyn C. Brennon to Seth Brennon, in Upton.

Victoria McGeorge to Lucille Lanna, in Newry.

Harvey Paul McGuire and Estate of Marjorie H. McGuire to Brock N. and Jane R. Clukey, in Andover.

Kenneth E. and Cheryl Correia to Kenneth N. and Mary E. and Keith S. Lindstrom, in Oxford.

Robert B. and Sandra L. Hunt to David H. Snell Sr. and Mary L. Snell, in Oxford.

David H. Snell Sr. and Mary L. Snell to Robert B. and Sandra L. Hunt, in Oxford.

Milky Way Properties LLC to Peter D. McGonagle, in Otisfield.

Chagrasulis LLC to Rebecca Chagrasulis, in Otisfield.

James E. and Marie D. White to James E. White and Marie A. White and Marie D. White and Lake Christopher Maine Realty Trust, in Greenwood and Woodstock.

Harry J. and Joyce C. Myles to Steven H. and Ross and Mark D. Myles, in Woodstock.

Sidney E. and Nancy U. Record to Lloyd L. Poland, in Paris.

Sidney E. and Nancy U. Record to Rebecca Morin, in Paris.

Sidney E. and Nancy U. Record to Maureen Donovan, in Paris.

Estate of Ora M. Ryerson and Herbert L. Ryerson and Francis Noyes and Genneth Berryment to Herbert L. Ryerson and Janet L. Shock, in West Paris.

Bruce A. Roullard and David L. Shorey to Speros C. Venios, in Bethel.

Theresa Davies Weidler to Peter Eric Weidler, in Woodstock.

Catherine McMillin to Nikki P. and Sheldon S. Miller, in Bethel.

Charles and Paul Arvenitis to Gregory J. and Michelle B. O’Connor, in Newry.

Michael Alimonti to Michael and Marlene Alimonti, in Otisfield.

David M. and Sally J. Ryan to Donald G. and Marion F. J. Sandstrom, in Newry.

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