The NFL playoffs are unpredictable and exciting; constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat. As we near the Conference Championship Games, we find ourselves unable to stop pondering about the upcoming matches. When a trip to Jacksonville is on the line, don’t rely on expert picks or point spreads to control your football pool.

Wild Card Weekend

New York Jets vs San Diego Chargers

Who would have thought that the red hot “Superchargers” could have fallen down so easily? Coming from behind in the 4th Quarter, San Diego tied it up, in a game simply dominated by the guys in green. They even had it in the bag, but a field goal attempt that sailed wide ended their season. New York moves on to face Pittsburgh.

Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts

Sure the Colt’s offense is good, but a 49-24 slaughter of the Broncos was too much to bear. Remember though, Peyton Manning is extraordinary in the Dome, but the true test comes when they play in New England.

St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has been in a downward spiral since midseason; while the Rams have since cranked it up a notch. With two teams that had to fight for the Western Division in Week 16, something had to give. The Rams move on to play Michael Vick and Atlanta.

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

Green Bay took the division in a match up with the Vikings just a few weeks before. Plus, Minnesota was on a long postseason losing streak. Of course Brett Favre could send the Vikings packing at home. Wrong; instead the devout fans received an imitation of a mooning in the end zone from Randy Moss. Vikings pull out an upset and move on to face the Eagles.

Divisional Playoffs

New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers

A true test for rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in his first professional postseason appearance. Earlier, the Jet held the Steelers in check, with a slim 17-6 victory for Pittsburgh at home. Can the Jets surprise us again?

Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots

Peyton Manning has just a 2-9 career record in Foxboro. All Pats fans can recall the last two victories over the Colts: last year’s 4 interception Championship Game and the League Opener this year, both at Gillette. Will the Colts choke yet again?

St. Louis Rams vs Atlanta Falcons

Representing the 5th seed, the Rams hope to keep rolling in Atlanta. They play one of the most unpredictable and tricky quarterbacks in the league: Michael Vick. But when Atlanta is not having a good game, it can turn ugly. Recall the 27-0 loss to Tampa Bay a few weeks ago.

Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are another team with consecutive postseason failures; always tending to reverse their momentum when it matters most. Will they be alright without T.O.? We wouldn’t mind seeing the tough luck Eagles in Jacksonville, but Minnesota is just coming off an emotional win against a division rival.

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