The service on the L. B and B. was considerably interrupted by the drifting snow. Snow plows were working on the different lines, and it was not until late in the forenoon that partial service on the Figure Eight was restored. The snow drifted in about as fast as the company’s plows could clear the tracks. During the afternoon and evening the cars were kept running on nearly scheduled time. Complete service will be restored today.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Four New England railroads will institute a service charge for the handling of checked baggage. R. F. Cowan, passenger traffic manager of the Boston and Maine Railroad, announced the service charge today. In general, the charges at all stations will be a quarter for hand baggage and a half dollar for larger items, including trunks. Except for this fee, the railroads will continue to transport 150 pounds of baggage for each passenger, without additional collection.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Repairing ornamental brickwork under the eaves of Lewiston’s City Hall will cost an estimated $48,000, a local roofing firm has informed city officials. The estimate was submitted to Lewiston Public Works Director Roger Pruneau by roofer Norman St. Hilaire of Auburn. Officials are concerned about a portion of the decorative masonry blocks and an ornamental cast stone facade under the eaves just above the second story windows. After more than 75 years of wind, rain, frost, and other harsh treatment, a portion of the masonry is cracked and loose on two sides of the building, Park Street and Park Street Alley.

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