An important meeting of both branches of the Lewiston city government was held last evening. All of the aldermen were present and there was a good representation in the lower branch. The salary resolve was the most important matter acted upon. The only officials whose salaries have been changed by this resolve from what they were last year are as follows: Mayor’s salary increased from $600 to $800; Agent of Overseer of the Poor, salary increased from $650 to $700; salaries of the Assistant Engineers increased each from $125 to $150; Milk Inspector’s salary increased from $200 to $300; Inspector of buildings salary reduced from $200 to $125.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Approximately 200 Auburn school youngsters lined up, some with their parents, outside the Auburn Health Officer this morning to get a health check before returning to school. Health Officer Shirley Davis said she didn’t know how many children were checked through her office. “There are a few,” she said. Under State law, children who have a contagious disease must clear through the health department of the city before returning to classes. A child suffering from any other ailment who has been absent for more than three days also must clear through the department.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The increase in the minimum wage Jan. 1 from $2.90 to $3.10 an hour has “tightened business up” but not added to the unemployment line, area employers report. The hike in minimum wage has “taken a bite out of labor,” commented Phil Thibodeau, assistant manager or Lum’s Restaurant. He said the 20-cent differential costs the business “several hundred dollars a week.”

Natural gas is finding a new home in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Northern Utilities received over 500 inquiries in 1979 from Lewiston homeowners wishing to convert to the less expensive source of heat, according to Alan R. Caron, head of marketing for the natural gas distribution utility.

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