After deliberating fifty minutes, six good and lawful men rendered their decision in the inquest held to determine the cause of the death of Charles E. Leavitt of Auburn, who met such a horrible fate in the accident at the High Street crossing when he was struck by train No. 13. The verdict was that that road did not lower the gates in time to prevent Leavitt from entering the crossing. Of the witnesses, only one, Justin C. James, who works for Jonas Edwards, saw the accident. He said that the gates were not lowered.

50 Years Ago, 1955

“About 30-40 percent of the parking spaces in downtown Lewiston are filled daily by nickel feeders,” said Police Chief Roland C. Amnott at a meeting of the advisory committee to the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce Parking Group. According to both Amnott and a survey made by committee chairman Leo Dube of Dube’s Flower Shop, most of those spaces are filled by merchants working on Lisbon Street, and their employees. According to the committee members, the nickels put into the meters are not primarily a source of revenue to the city. They are to insure that the parker leaves the space vacant at the end of his contracted time in the spirit of “share the street.”

25 Years Ago, 1980

One downtown Lewiston store is closing and at least two others are relocating, The Journal learned today. Louis Albert, owner of Henry Nolin Jeweler, Inc., 83 Lisbon St., said today he’s closing after 21 years in business at the same location. Managers of Paul Desjardins Furs at 85 Lisbon St., and B. D.’s, a discount department store at 87 Lisbon St., confirmed today they are moving from their present location. The three firms, all located in the same Lisbon Street block, said one of the primary reasons they are moving is a rent increase levied by owners or managers of the Lewiston Hardware and Plumbing Supply Co. of 71 Lisbon St.

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