SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Eldon D. and Rita M. Frost to Eldon D. Frost (TR) and Rita M. Frost (TR) and Eldon D. Frost Revocable Trust of 2005 and Rita M. Frost Revocable Trust of 2005, in Bethel.

George P. Denny III (TR) and George P. Denny III Trust to Lesley Osborn, in Newry.

Desmond Fitzgerald to Lesley Osborn, in Newry.

Richard W. Rose to Richard W. and Charlene K. Rose, in Paris.

Michael and Christine R. Tofani to Michael Tofani (TR) and Christine R. Tofani (TR) and Tofani Family Revocable Trust, in Otisfield.

Richard D. and Jean D. Higgins and Jean D. Whitney to Catherine E. Jenkins, in Paris.

Virginia F. Jillson to Ricky Lee and Carole A. Kimball, in Otisfield.

John E. Allaire and Lynn M. Levasseur to Lynn M. Levasseur, in Bethel.

Edna D. Hajewski to Janet Ray, in Township.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Bonnie L. McCarthy and Richard E. Leonard, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to James F. Barton Sr. and Carol A. and Denise Barton, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Susan Ellen and Richard B. Partridge, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Gary A. and Leatrice E. Singleton, in Bethel.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Anni H. Autio, in Bethel.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC to Josh Birrell, in Newry.

Swan Hill Corp. to Harold A. Hadley, in Bethel.

Janelle Lynn Oveson (TR) and Janelle Lynn Oveson 2001 Family Trust to Matthew Miller and Rosemary M. Moylan, in Newry.

Christine R. Rowe to Michael and Pamela Adams, in Norway.

Parker River LLC to Linda L. Andrews Chute and Linda L. Andrews and Linda Lee Andrews Chute and Linda Lee Chute, in Buckfield.

Lloyd L. Polland to Stephanie J. Labbe, in Oxford.

James W. Taylor Jr. and Lena E. Taylor to Brenda Birney, in Paris.

Thomas W. Andrews to Thomas W. and Betty Jean Andrews, in Waterford.

John Harlow Tribou Trust and Sandra Straton McAuley (TR) and Sandra Straton Tribou (TR) to John E. H. Tribou, in Mexico.

Zilla M. Porter to Steven M. Jannace, in Rumford.

Robert L. and Susan L. Bundy to James and Richardina Kempista, in Paris.

JAE Realty Trust and James A. Perry (TR) to John F. Eliot Jr. and Tania J. Eliot, in Albany Township.

David B. Bragg to Renald A. and Jody L. Provencher, in Sumner.

Scheur Management Group Inc. to Brian L. and Jeannie M. Costello, in Newry.

Donald C. and Reta L. Briggs to Charles A. and Diane L. Morris, in Oxford.

Kevin E. Thomas to Jayne M. Thomas, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust (by TR) to Gary L. and Cheryl E. Strout, in Bethel.

Andrews B. Campbell (TR) and Andrews Bruce Campbell (TR) and Andrews Bruce Campbell Trust and Andrews Bruce Campbell and Andrews B. Campbell and Black Watch Limited Liability Co. and Black Watch Co. Inc. to Carrie M. Campbell, in Mexico.

Bernice B. Comeau to Sandra C. Gamez, in Rumford.

Leslie U. Anderson to Kelly E. Moore, in Lincoln Plantation.

James I. Peterson to Jason L. and Sherri L. Vaughan, in Canton.

Laura Bradford to James E. Heintzelman, in Byron.

Alan E. Rothberg and Mary Ann Griffith to Russell R. and Lynne F. Barlow, in Newry.

Robert A. and Margaret G. Giumentaro to Karolyn E. Chaput, in Oxford.

Paul Carl Schroy III to Paul Carl Schroy III (TR) and Paul C. Schroy III Revocable Trust of 2004, in Newry.

Paul Carl Schroy III and Hope Schroy to Paul Carl Schroy III (TR) and Paul C. Schroy III Revocable Trust of 2004, in Newry.

Michael T. McGonagle to Milky Way Properties LLC, in Otisfield.

Lloyd Billings Jr. and Suzanne Billings to Suzanne and Lloyd Billings, in Milton Plantation.

David M. Grygiel to David M. Grygiel and Susan J. K. Rotvig, in Newry.

Debra J. Hanian to D. John Gagnon Jr., in Newry.

Timothy E. Wilcox to Dennis M. and Gwendolyn F. O’Connor, in Oxford.

William A. Knowlton to William A. and Meredith D. Knowlton, in Oxford.

Delma L. LaPerle (TR) and Doris T. LaPerle (TR) and LaPerle Family Trust to Cissel Enterprises LLC, in Rumford.

Charlotte and Joseph Blanchard to Infinity Group LLC, in Mexico.

Brian G. Bennett to Nancy Bennett, in Buckfield.

Barbara Haynes French and Malcolm A. French to Keith Allen Real Estate LLC, in Buckfield.

Elizabeth A. Hayden and Christopher G. Miller to Christopher G. Miller II, in Norway.

Martha E. Elkin and Mary Ann Haxton to Martha E. Elkin (TR) and Mary Ann Haxton (TR) and Martha E. Elkin and Mary Ann Haxton Living Trust, in Sumner.

Mountain View Real Estate Development LLC (by atty) to Robert S. and Laura R. Potter, in Newry.

Richard C. Tucker to Francis A. Prunier and Kristen K. Landess, in Greenwood.

Robert J. Laux and Cynthia A. Moran Laux and Cynthia A. Moran to Randall M. and Maria L. Baker, in Rumford.

William C. and Beverly W. Vereshko to Margaret A. Broucek and Tracy M. St. Pierre, in Greenwood.

Terry J. and Jennifer R. Dexter to Paul J. Gallant and Priscilla and Thomas and Nancy O’Donnell, in Greenwood.

Lorie Olson and Lorie O. Jewell to Ronald D. Fitts, in Paris.

Richard A. Tibbetts to Philip M. Snow and Harry Faulkner, in Woodstock.

Estate of Kenneth C. Townsend and Faith A. Townsend (PR) and Susan H. Townsend (PR) and Stephanie S. Townsend (PR) to Faith A. and Susan H. and Stephanie S. Townsend, in Norway.

Michael S. and Karen A. Dodge and Steve and Dawn M. Skinner and Frank E. and Michelle P. Lathrop and Frank E. and Michelle P. Lothrop to Mary E. and Dennis V. Chick, in Newry.

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