•Ali Baba Temple, D. O. K. K., will hold its next meeting Thursday night in its hall, corner of Pine and Lisbon streets. It is expected that a large number of tyros will cross the burning sands astride the frisky camels. A substantial feed will follow accompanied by an abundance of Zem-Zem, camels’ milk, etc.

•Everyone went circusly last night. The tent was spread in City Hall, and thereunder the great show was held. It was a genuine circus, with just enough burlesque interjected to add a new-found spice (to this community) combining the real with the imaginary in a way that could only be appreciated by those present.

50 Years Ago, 1955

•A constitutional amendment resolve filed today by Rep. Malenfant (D) Lewiston would remove the requirement that governors of Maine be native citizens of the United States. An amendment to the constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the Legislature and majority approval in referendum.

•Seventeen men and women of Androscoggin County have completed in a blood-typing course in connection with Civil Defense activities, and will now be available to work as CD blood-typing teams, it was announced today. The four-week course, held at Central Maine General Hospital was conducted by Miss Barbara Higgins, director of the blood bank there.

25 Years Ago, 1980

It looks as though Engine Two of Lewiston’s Fire Department will soon be taken off the road. That decision has been made by Fire Chief Reginald Doucette following a City Council decision to reduce the department’s full-time firefighting staff by six men. If mention of that particular fire truck makes you stop and wonder why it seems so familiar, it’s probably because it captured a great deal of attention about two years ago. There was substantial debate back then about whether or not that engine, which is housed at the Lincoln Street substation, should have been parked and not replaced.

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