The cold wave together with the storms of this week have made it difficult for fisherman along the coast to ply their vocation with the result that some of the stock in the local fish markets is considerably higher. Oysters have been advanced five cents a quart, now selling for 35 and 45 cents. Cod and haddock bring twelve cents a pound, while cusk and hake remain at eight cents. Oysters in the half shell have advanced a dollar a barrel and are exceedingly scarce here.

50 Years Ago, 1955

The Dingley School Traffic patrol boys were busy fellows yesterday helping grownups cross the street. Stationed at the street corners to see that the school children cross heavy traffic areas safely, this icy Monday morning saw the courteous patrol boys of Dingley looking after grownups hurrying to work. And the equally courteous school children patiently waited while the traffic boys did their good turns. The street corners, particularly on Middle St., were baby skating rinks and while grownups foundered about it, the traffic patrol boys hurried back and forth, taking adults by the hand and helping them slide onto the dry patches, then getting them across the icy streets.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Clarence DeOrsey of Glenview Drive, Lewiston, never did find out who the killer was on Barnaby Jones last night. The reason: He was interrupted by a call from the White House. “I thought someone was pulling my leg so I didn’t exactly jump out of my chair in front of the TV when my wife told me the White House was on the phone,” said the marketing officer for Androscoggin Bank. “I’ve never had a President call me before, much less call me Clarence,” exclaimed DeOrsey, a registered Democrat. The Lewiston resident said Carter asked if he had a hard day and asked for his support in the upcoming caucus. DeOrsey said now he’ll just have to wait for a re-run of Barnaby Jones to find out who the killer was (and how Barnaby’s going to vote?).

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