Raymond vs. Elm Street

On Monday, Jan. 24, Raymond Middle School drove up to the Elm Street School gym to play their varsity teams. The boys game was supposed to start at four o’clock, but they ended up starting a little bit earlier than that. Their game was very violent. The referees almost lost control. There were injuries left and right. The coaches were showing great concern for the health of their ball players. One of the Wildcat boys was diving for a ball, and his head hit the bottom of the bleachers! Those guys were rough! Luckily he wasn’t fatally injured. The score fought back and forth, but finally in the fourth quarter Raymond took care of our boys. They ended up winning.

Next, it was the Lady Wildcat’s turn! Ashley Game jumped for the tip-off against Raymond. In the first quarter the girls couldn’t get a shot off! It was zero, zero, for almost the whole quarter! The Wildcats finally got some points on the board. The score was six to zero at the end of the first. In the second quarter, Coach Ed Piirainen put out his heavy hitters and started to broaden the Wildcats score. By halftime it seemed sure that the Lady Wildcats were going to win it. The cheerleaders did their halftime routine, and then the Wildcats came back out. The crowd was pumped up and the ladies were ready for a show. The girls controlled the ball, and played with their heads. The final score was Wildcats 37-9.

Saint John’s vs. Elm Street

On Sat., Jan. 22, the Elm Street School Varsity Wildcat teams got on the bus and headed to Saint John’s gymnasium. The boys changed first. Since the teams had gotten there early, the boys had more than half-an-hour to warm up.

The boy’s game was fierce. There was a basket basically every time down the court, for both teams! The points were always close, in the end though, the Wildcats pulled through with a 32-28 lead.

The girls cheered on the boys, but when it was their time to take the floor, they took no prisoners. In the first quarter the ladies had a very close game. The Wildcats were only winning by a basket. As the second quarter started the Wildcats turned up the heat. The two guards started to press the ball, and the center waited, lingering, at half-court, looking for the bad pass. That press put the ladies points into double digits, and then the Vikings had no chance of catching up. The Wildcats just kept adding on those points, and pounding the boards. The final score was Wildcats 42 to 14.

Basketball round-up

Litchfield vs. Elm Street

On Tuesday, January 25, the Elm Street School Wildcats traveled to the new Litchfield School, to play their Varsity squads. The boy’s game was first. Due to circumstances, the Boy Wildcats only had seven players on their roster. The Lions had almost double that’ The Wildcat’s played a great game but the Lions ended up swiping the Wildcats off the court. The Wildcats lost by two.

The Lady Wildcats were announced over the speakers just as the boys were, and as they shook hands with the coach they knew this was going to be a good game. The first quarter the score was within one or two points difference! In the second half though, the Wildcats turned the tables on those Lady Lions and starting jacking up the points. The scoreboard got a workout as Kendra Vyr kept popping up those easy lay-ups. The Lady Wildcats amazed the Lions with a victory. The Lions record was 10-1.

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