AUBURN – The Edward Little High School Mock Trial team recently celebrated its successful season during a banquet at the school.

The team expected a building year after losing three lawyers after graduation. But under the guidance of lawyer-coach Justin Leary, the team won two preliminary trials before losing to state champion Hampden Academy in the state quarter-finals, which were held at the federal district court in Bangor, a new experience for the team.

After a buffet dinner, members were given a series of awards. Raechel Biron, who had served the team for her four years of high school as a clerk-timer, was given a special award at the beginning of the presentations. She had never missed a dress rehearsal or a competition and in several trials she had served as the timer for both teams.

First-year awards were given to Joe Griswold, Mary Martin and Esther Schlotterbeck. Second-year awards went to Cam Leary and Carin Eisenstein. Tom Kester, Chris Keene, Vanessa Ouellette and Markus Schlotterbeck earned their third-year awards.

Max Mogensen received his fourth-year portfolio. The iron men awards went to Cam Leary and Markus Schlotterbeck, while the iron women awards went to Carin Eisenstein and Vanessa Ouellette.

Other awards went to Tom Kester, best plaintiff witness; Mary Martin, best defense witness; Carin Eisenstein, best versatile; Christopher Keene, most improved lawyer; and Joe Griswold and Esther Schlotterbeck, most promising neophytes.

Leary presented the best lawyer awards to Max Mogensen and Markus Schlotterbeck as they have been not only excellent barristers in the court room but also leaders of the team.

Mogensen and Schlotterbeck had been commended in every competition this year for their excellent closings. The closer in a trial must not only summarize the major points of a particular side but must also point out the weaknesses of the other side’s arguments.

During the season, Mogensen handled the plaintiff’s side and Schlotterbeck took care of the defense’s side. In addition, both of them oversaw the lawyers’ arguments for the team each represented.

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