DIXFIELD – T.W. Kelly Dirigo Middle School announces its second-quarter honor roll.

Grade eight

High honors (All A’s): Chelsea Bernard, Anna Chase, Brandon Doyen, Jessica Eugley.

Honors (A’s and B’s): Jacob Averill, Joseph Bissell, Jazmine Brooks, Rachel Child, Brandyn Cloutier, Tristan Franchetti, Kristen Harvey, Christina Kimball, Jessica Kimball, Thomas Knight, Lindsay McKeen, Joshua Richardson, Samantha Sawtell, Jennie Skillin, Katrina White, Megan White, Kristy Woods, Kaitlyn Xanthos.

Grade seven

High honors (All A’s): Troy Derouche, Jane Hebert, Ricki Sinclair.

Honors (A’s and B’s): Kirstin Blood, Eric Bolduc, Lindsey Brann, Emily Chase, Tyler Lee Chiasson, Nicholas Crutchfield, Sarah Dakin, Krista Gaudet, Kyle Gray, Kyle Hutchinson, Patricia Turner.

Grade six

High honors (All A’s): Colette McKeen, Alex Milledge, Emily Ray, Deanna Varnum.

Honors (A’s and B’s): Kirby Averill, Meredith Brown, Justin Conant, Luanne Fournier, Kersey Brooke, Hannah Knight, Justin Richards, Kelsey Salatino, Corinna Stoddard, Casandra Sutter.

Grade five

High honors (All A’s): Nathan Gould, Coral Howe, Alyssa Janke, Cody St. Germain.

Honors (A’s and B’s): Justin Bissell, Samantha Blanchette, Cody Brann, Larissa Bryant.

Also, Alyssa Charity, Deidre Cochran, Caleb Hall, Logan Heintz, Brian Jepson, Sandra Jones, Summer McCollough, Paige Murphy, Myriah Porter, Angela Ronan, Jessica Sattler, Amelia Tachney, Joshua Turbide, Erin Turner.

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