My grandchildren live many states away. Do you have any suggestions on how I can keep in touch with them more?

Send them phone cards and include your phone number. You can get cards in differing dollar amounts, and the parents will be much more willing to allow a call to you whenever the grandchildren feel like calling. If you have an e-mail account, why not become an e-mail pal with your grandkids, if they are old enough. Technology today offers some great instant communication abilities. And don’t forget to send letters and write postcards from places you’ve visited or from your hometown.

I enjoy feeding the birds in my backyard, but sometimes wonder if they’ll become dependent on me for food? And what if I run out?

Birds are very smart, especially those that withstand northern winters. They are constantly looking for food. While your feeder may be a habitual stop for birds, there is no need to fear if you forget to fill it, as they will find food somewhere else. However, if you want to keep them coming to your house, keep the feeder full or the birds will go elsewhere and probably not visit as often as they used to.

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