RUMFORD – Alison Hutchins, sixth-grader at Mountain Valley Middle School, recently received a surprise from a faraway stranger. When she and her family lost their house in a fire last fall, one of the things they were not able to replace easily were Alison’s stacking cups.

“Stacking Cups” is a sport she learned to play and love at Rumford Elementary School.

Alison’s mother spoke with the physical education teacher, Cheryl Sevigny, to see how she could replace the cups.

When contacted, Bob Fox, owner and founder of Speed Stacks Inc., a company from Colorado, responded immediately. He not only sent Alison a new set of cups, he included a special timing mat (value of $80) so she can monitor her own stacking’ time.

Mountain Valley Middle School physical education teacher Elaine Michaud was able to present Alison with this special gift in front of her class.

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