JAY – Loud cheers break out as the players enter! The fans settle in and a hush comes over the crowd as they go to center ice and … read!! What a way to get excited about reading.

Jay Elementary School students read with members of the Lewiston Maineiacs Hockey Team on Jan. 20. The winter Reading Is FUNdamental celebration was called “Reading Is Our Goal.”

And the goal was met when all students gathered in the gym to hear Maineiacs hockey players tell them how reading is important in their lives and they can achieve their life goals by reading. Players also demonstrated the equipment used in their game.

After meeting with the whole school, each grade enjoyed a story read to them by a team member. Students were given autographed pictures, team posters and game program books. “Hockey Pucks” (Ring Dings) were special snacks for the event. Many classes are following up the reading event with a writing event.

They will be writing thank-you notes to the players and representatives of the Lewiston Maineiacs Hockey Team.

Janet Daigle coordinated and scheduled the special event.

Reading is FUNdamental is funded by a federal grant and coordinated by a Jay Elementary School teacher committee. For more information about this and other reading activities, contact Donna Boone at 897-5710.

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