Said a local auto crank to The Sun yesterday: “This coming season you will see at least one hundred automobiles owned in these two cities. May commendable improvements have been made on all of the leading autos since last season. The auto craze has come to stay.”

Hearts, little and small, and all colors, were used as decorations at the Valentine supper held by the Ladies’ Circle of the High street Methodist church, Auburn, last evening. The attendance was large and the supper consisted of cold meats, salads and puddings beside many other nice things was up to the usual standard of suppers served by the ladies of the High street church.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A driving dad would have to watch more closely where junior put those gum wrappers and popcorn sacks of a bill by Rep. Pierce – Bucksport were passed. Pierce’s bill, filed today, would make the driver liable to prosecution if anyone in his car tossed objects onto the road or roadside. The bill also would increase the maximum fine for littering the highway from $10 to $50.

Man-made diamonds exactly like nature’s own were announced today – a scientific dream come true. They cost at least twice as much to make as natural diamonds, but in time may be greatly reduced. These artificial diamonds are no threat, as yet anyhow, to the value of your diamonds, nor immediate hope for cheaper diamond necklaces or engagement rings. But they offer a new home-grown supply of diamonds vitally important in industry and national defense.

25 Years Ago, 1980

New York – Walter Cronkite, for many years one of the nation’s most trusted television newsmen, will step aside early next year as “CBS Evening News” anchorman for a man he calls “the new champion” – Dan Rather. “We – and you – will be in the best of hands,” the grandfatherly Cronkite said Thursday in reporting the network’s decision moments before signing off with his familiar “And that’s the way it is…”

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