WILTON – Bowling results for the Monday Niters on Feb. 7 at Meadow Lanes were as follows:

Team standings: Runaways 116-60, Giddy Up Go 96-80, Drag Ins 95-81, Lucky Balls 95-81, Farm Girls 93-83, Spare Change 91-85, Strikettes 82-94, Missing Pins 77-99, Just For Kix 76-100, AlleyKats 55-121.

Individual high series scratch: Belinda Maillet 539, Gale McDonald 487, Celia Flint 480, Roxanne Grant 470, Monty Tyler 469.

High series handicap: Belinda Maillet 686, Faye Marquis 658, Gale McDonald 649, Mary Hutchinson 647, Shirley Hutchins 646.

High game scratch: Belinda Maillet 198, Cindy Mitchell 183, Celia Flint 175, Gale McDonald 175, Monty Tyler 174.

High game handicap: Belinda Maillet 247, Linda Davis 244, Faye Marquis 236, Cindy Mitchell 233, Darlene Lilley 233.

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