The men in the felt hats with gold bands are the men who own Lewiston now. The Grand Army men from all over the State of Maine together with the “women folk” too, are in Lewiston for the annual encampment and they are here by the hundreds.

Many people in this vicinity who believe in fresh air for children will be interested to know that there is one healthy little bit of humanity in Wales who has taken its nap out of doors every day this winter, with the exception of stormy days. The little one is rosy and healthy and hardy. There are a good many babies around here who have taken naps out of doors, on sunny days, all winter.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A bill to outlaw beano or similar games open to the public was given the Legislature today by Rep. Rich R-Charleston for the Maine Christian Civic League. Rep. Rich said he filed the bill at the League’s request, and wasn’t too familiar with its provisions or the League’s reasons for seeking repeal of the beano law. At present, beano may be sponsored by religious, fraternal and other non-profit organizations, subject to licensing and supervision by State Police.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Snow, a rather unfamiliar sight in Lewiston-Auburn this winter began piling up everywhere today as the first big storm of the season approached New England. Flakes began to fall in the Twin Cities at around 6 a.m. today. The National Weather Service predicts there will be an accumulation of from six to 10 inches before the storm abates tonight.

The Maine State Police say beer-drinking 28-year-old men in older model vehicles were the drivers most often involved in one-car fatal accidents in the state last year, according to a recently issued report, entitled “Seven Reasons Why Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix.” The driver profile was outlined in a report written with information gathered from the 95 single-car fatalities which occurred along Maine’s rural highways during 1979.

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