Tuesday, Feb. 1 – that was a huge day for the Lady Wildcats varsity team from Mechanic Falls. They played their last game of the season against Sabattus and won the game!

Why is this a big deal? Well, because after three long years of waiting, the Lady Wildcats finally became Pine Tree League champs, Buckfield is co-champ. As one of the players on the Mechanic Falls team, I’m very thrilled!

Everyone had a great season this year! We had three seventh graders who were all new to the varsity team – Sam St. Pierre, Maria Lundberg, and Natasha Piirainen. We also had a couple of new eighth graders, Brittany Groves, Alicia Hawley, Dannie Mercure, and Ashley Game. As for returning players, we have Jen Baril, Kendra Vyr, and Alexa Doyer. Not only are they returning players, they are also captains of our team; Alexa Doyer is the speaking captain.

We have our managers, Michelle Roberts, Krystyn Giradin, and sometimes Kate McKellick, and Heather Johnson. Kelly Bickford who tragically broke her collarbone couldn’t try out for basketball this season. She helps out with managing and will definitely be playing basketball next year.

Last but not least there is our awesome coach, Ed Piirainen. He has taught us all so much this year! We also get help from the great J.V. coach, Cindy Mathews! I’d like to thank them both for being so great this season!

Before I finish I’d like to dedicate this article to all our eighth graders. They are going on to high school next year so this was their last year as Wildcats. We’ll miss them all dearly and will always remember them! I wish all of them good luck and hope they enjoyed themselves as the Lady Wildcat Champions!

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