Recently, St. Peters and Sacred Heart School has been very busy. We have been growing and developing over the last few months. With a new principal, and some fresh new ideas, everyone at the school has been real busy. One of the new ideas is to have a student council, where students grades three to eight will be able to meet once a week to talk about the students’ own ideas and what the students think the school should work on.

This last week, all the students participating have been campaigning really hard to win class representative. They all made posters and some people even distributed candy for students to eat. The week was pretty hectic. On Tuesday, Jan. 18, students had to have their posters up in the hallways. On Wednesday students could campaign and on Thursday, all candidates had to present speeches to their fellow students, teachers and principal, Friday, the voting took place. All the kids in third, fourth and fifth grades voted together for the representatives in each class, and all the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders voted together for the representatives in those classes.

The winners were: third grade, Natasha Thoits, runner up Matthew Stalford; fourth grade, Logan Lecompte, runner up Kirn Morin; fifth grade, Mackenzi Masselli, runner up Dayle Jordan; sixth grade, Hailey Girardin runner up Kirsten Poulin and seventh grade, Lee Morin, runner up Kacie Rioux. Unfortunately, there were no candidates for the eighth grade.

Each class has a runner up, because at any moment if a council member is unable to go to a meeting or fulfill his or her duty as councilor, then the runner up will go for them. Each representative will only serve a short term in the council, from January to May. The requirements for being on the council are that you have to be a model student. You have to be on honor role, you can’t get into trouble, and you can’t get detentions.

St. Peter and Sacred Heart School is very proud of all its council members, and can’t wait to hear the ideas of the students. St. Peter and Sacred Heart is also very proud that they have a student council and will be able to give the students some power. This is the first time in several years that St. Peter’s has had a Student Council, but it is the first time St. Peter and Sacred Heart has ever had a Student Council! Congratulations to all the members of the first ever St. Peter and Sacred Heart Student Council Members!

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