SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently.

Charles R. Stevens to Bernice L. Stevens, in Newry and Bethel.

Audrey A. Witter and Audrey A. Moody to Jenifer A. Girouard in Paris.

Royal River Development Co. to Maine Mountain Properties LLC, in Newry.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Royal River Development Co., in Newry.

Estate of Douglas H. Reed and Dale Bihlmeyer to Dale Bihlmeyer and Doris J. Reed, in Andover.

Dorothy P. Greaney and Samuel Waugh to Sabrina Kurtz Rossi and Mark S. Rossi, in Andover.

Douglas G. Fontana to James A. and Deborah L. Bussiere, in Bethel.

Lillian Curtis Strait to Albert O. Curtis Sr. and Marie A. Curtis, in Greenwood.

Rena Louise Curtis to Kenneth W. Curtis, in Greenwood.

Rena Louise Curtis to Albert O. Curtis Sr. and Marie A. Curtis, in Greenwood.

Catherine Heffernan and Thomas Wentworth to Amy Elizabeth and Ryder Allan Scott, in Greenwood.

Rosa Simmons Gaffny to Tim N. and Willobell Turbide, in Rumford.

Carroll L. and Sharon T. Higgins to Philip R. Brook, in Greenwood.

Danny A. and Emily R. Brown to Leon Poland Jr., in Woodstock.

Richard H. Page to Christopher D. Garcia, in Otisfield.

Christopher R. Wainwright to Lewis E. Stowe III, in Dixfield.

Wight Enterprises LLC to Adam F. and Andrea L. York, in Newry.

Milton E. and Eleanor P. Inman to Gary M. and Gregg L. and Geffrey V. Inman, in Greenwood.

Gayle A. Casey and Gayle A. McPherson to Paul T. Piveronas, in Rumford.

Kenneth R. Carson and Sally O. Foster to David J. Eisen and Susan F. Cole, in Hanover.

Judith E. Plummer to David O. Plummer, in Bethel.

Rosina M. Durgin to First Baptist Church, in Paris.

Michael W. Liimatta and Jill Liimatta and Leigh Dean and Tina Wilcox to Michael C. Andrews, in West Paris.

River View Timeshare Trust to Susan M. and David A. Marin, David B. and Judith M. Brown, Audrey M. Joy, Gilbert P. and Christine H. Hall, Dennis V. and Debra L. Poland, all in Bethel.

Rudolph B. Johnson Jr. and Teresa C. Johnson to Alan E. Roghberg and Mary Ann Griffith, in Newry.

Bryon H. and Dale A. Young to Stephen B. Young and Young Family Irrevocable Trust, in Norway.

Pamela Knox to Kenneth E. and Shane Poland, in West Paris.

Estate of Dennis Lee Thorn and L. Clinton Boothby to Angela M. Grant and Justin D. Theriault, in Norway.

Lawrence L. and Joan M. Dow to Pamela and Dennis W. Belcher, in West Paris.

William F. and Pamela M. Porter to Community Concepts Incorporated in Rumford.

Evelyn H. Defrees and Estate of Jane H. Defrees to Burton S. Defrees, in Rumford.

Paul R. Buckley Jr. and Paul S. Allen to Paul R. Buckley Jr. and Katherine C. Buckley, in Newry.

Lawrence W. and Julie A. Hill and Lawrence W. Hill Jr. to Paul S. and Michelle K. Allen, in Newry.

Wayne E. McCollough Sr. and estate of Brenda McCollough to Ray Corporation, in Rumford.

Joseph Braunstein and Leonard S. Lyle to James M. Lyle, in Waterford.

Kenneth J. Block to Vincent N. Iannuzzi, in Newry.

Steven R. and Vickie Pike to Christopher T. and Caprice J. Littlefield, in Albany Township.

Savage Land Development LLC to Paul and Maryjune DeLouis, in Bethel.

Pauline B. Turner to Richard J. and Diane M. Jeselskis, in Buckfield.

Anne C. Witham to Alan A. Day, in Paris.

Gary and Audrey Bailey Clegg and Audrey L. Bailey to Roy E. Achenbach and Maryann P. Achenback and Ridge Run Realty Trust, in Newry.

Beatrice W. Haines to Beatrice W. and Dinah E. Haines, in Mexico.

Priscilla I. Churchill to Shane Churchill, in Paris.

Michael D. and Graham S. Payne to Payne Properties LLC, in Mexico.

Helen L. Dehahn to Rebecca M. Dowse, in Paris.

Margery Goldberg and Richard Campbell and Kevin Dean to Margery Goldberg and Richard Campbell and Kevin Dean and Pok Sun Lane, in Newry.

Dana Porter Carson and Everett B. Carson to Dennis and Yvonne Ferreira, in Bethel.

Suzanne C. Allen and Suzanne C. Allen Revocable Trust to John E. Bishop and M. Eugenia Julio Bishop, in Bethel.

Kevin L. Ellingwood to Mary Jo Marks, in Paris.

Edward Marandola Jr. to Vincent J. Lamoriello, in Newry.

Sherwood K. and Sherwood Jordan to Alan T. and Christina G. Lowe, in Albany Township.

Stephen N. and Cathy S. Jack to Timothy G. Brackett, in Buckfield.

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