FARMINGTON – The staff at the Franklin County Animal Shelter would like to share the following about the newest Pet of the Week:

People often don’t realize that an adult cat can make a wonderful addition to a home.

Let’s take Helga, for example – she’s laid back, quiet, loving and sweet.

Easy to ignore, when walking through the shelter, since she doesn’t meow or beg.

As much as all of us here know Helga is wonderful, visitors don’t seem to notice her.

So, we are writing this little piece to let the world know how great she is.

Each day since she arrived in July, Helga has been waiting for her forever home.

Although Helga used to be a bit shy, she has blossomed into a purr-fect lap cat.

Dogs make her a bit nervous, but she has the potential to love them.

Over all, she loves everything and would do well in nearly any kind of environment.

Potential owners should realize Helga could be a loving part of any family.

The most amazing quality she has is how loving she can be.

Helga is a happy cat; she purrs so hard you can feel it when you pat her.

Even though all her babies are gone now, she still has motherly tenderness.

Love – Helga has lots of love to give and deserves lots in return.

Generosity – Helga shares not only her love, but her toys and blankets, too.

All she needs to make her life complete is a home to call her own.

New dogs at the shelter includes a poodle mix male found in Livermore Falls and a shepherd mix altered male found in Livermore Falls.

Donations needed by the shelter include bleach, paper towels, cat food, dog food and cat litter.

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