A substantial evidence of the prosperity of the Department Store Co., formerly the B. Peck Co., and of the good will existing between employer and employee is shown by the 5 per cent cash dividend distributed last week by the management of this store to the employees.

Balleto, one of the new and fascinating parlor games, was enjoyed Saturday evening at the home of Miss Alice Lord of Webster street, when Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Norton, their guest, Miss Annie Timberlake of Phillips, Miss Elizabeth Hall and the Misses Emmie and Elinore Bailey were entertained. Light refreshments were served.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A January 4, 1800 newspaper, carrying the account of General George Washington’s funeral on Dec. 18, 1799, has been in handed down through six generations of a Lewiston family. The newspaper, carefully framed in double-glass so that both sides of the pages can be read, now is owned by the Huntington family, 421 Main St., Lewiston, descendants of Richard Pearson original owner of the paper.

The paper is the Ulster County Gazette, published by Samuel Freer and Son of Kingston, N.Y. The front and back page columns are banded in heavy black and down the outer side of the front page runs the elaborately lettered words: General George Washington’s Death and Funeral of Our First President. In those days there were no “banner heads” across the front page and the old English lettering down the side margin was used only on rare occasions.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The Rotary Club of Lewiston and Auburn this Thursday will observe the 75th anniversary of the founding of Rotary in America.

According to local Rotarians, the first Rotary club was founded Feb. 23, 1905, by Chicago, Ill. businessman Paul Harris. Today there are about 853,000 members in 153 Rotary clubs around the world.

The Rotary motto…Service Above Self – is reflected in such projects as overseas aid to undeveloped countries and student scholarships.

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