The Lewiston police matron now has on hand three small boys for whom she would like to find good homes. She is kept busy this cold weather, distributing warm clothing to the poor and feeble. Besides the clothing sent her from Lewiston people, she gets quantities from Sabattus, Auburn, Freeport, Lisbon and even Livermore Falls and Portland.

On Saturday evening the opening of H. Huet’s New Central Shoe Store on Lisbon street, was held. During the evening a fine musical program was given by the orchestra and cigars or pinks were presented to all the visitors. The store was crowded and the people were much pleased with this up-to-date shoe store.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Tomorrow at noon, if the skies are friendly, planes will “bomb” Lewiston and Auburn, showering the two communities with literature and medallions. The Civil Air Patrol planes overhead will be part of a huge fleet which will shower some 200 American cities with Crusade For Freedom material on George Washington’s birthday, as a climax to annual Freedom Week, Feb. 12-22.

Each plane will carry 50 pounds of materials to drop, including 25 Freedom Scrolls which have room for 44 signatures; 1,500 contribution envelopes; 50 reprints of a Reader’s Digest article entitled “Balloons Across the Iron Curtain,” explaining the leaflet drops to people behind the Iron Curtain in Europe.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Washington – The U.S. Mint plans a temporary halt in production of the initially unpopular Susan B. Anthony dollar coin because of high inventories, Mint officials said today. The Anthony dollar was introduced with much fanfare last July 2, but has met with resistance because some Americans fear it can be confused too easily with the quarter. The government has a lot riding on the success of the coin. It has spent at least $25 million for the production so far.

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